What is Shelter Writers?

Shelter Writers hosts weekly writing workshops online or in person. (see shelterwriters.com for more info). We are a safe space for writers of all genres and experience levels to write together and affirm each other's original voices. We use the Amherst Writers and Artist practices, and find that this method provides a perfect framework for building trust between participants and inspiring creative freedom.

What will be in this newsletter?

I will post some of my own writing through this newsletter as well as showcase some work from writers in my workshops. By signing up through substack, every new edition of the newsletter goes directly to your inbox. My shelter writers email list is separate from this newsletter, and you can also sign up for those updates on shelterwriters.com - this is how you can stay up to date on workshop offerings.

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Thoughts, poems, and prose by myself and writers in my workshops


Shelter Writers

I am writer of songs, poems, prose and grocery lists. I lead writing workshops using the AWA method over at shelterwriters.com follow this newsletter to read pieces by myself and other writers from my workshops. -Alli Rogers Dahlgren